Free Tabla & Tanpura Software, Download for Vocal & Dance Practice

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We at Tabla Freedom offer the best Indian tabla drum software products in the market:

Free Digital tabla and tanpura practice suite- Riyaz Freedom V 1.00*

Free Riyaz Freedom Tabla Tanpura Practice Suite V 1.00 Download

1. An all exclusive digital tabla and tanpura software for vocal and dance practice/riyaz sessions. It has 2 interfaces for beginner and advanced levels. This tabla software is currently the best digital download option for students, teachers and musicians replacing the need for the conventional electronic tabla or a tanpura hardware instrument.

freedom instruments software download

Advanced level features include:

1. Global Pitch Tuning, Fine-tuning. Volume control, Equalizer, Mixer.

2. A tanpura unit with custom volume controller for each notes. It also has adjustable speed options, and an inbuilt equalizer, reverb section. It also has a mini keyboard view or the notes being played for the chosen scale.

3. A tabla unit with various rhythm/tala combinations, in different time counts. Speed options for vilambit, madhyam, drut, atidrut talas in BPM. Also featuring an inbuilt equalizer and reverb section.

4. A drone unit with in different time counts.

5. A tone builder unit with a keyboard view where you can select the notes you want to add to the ensemble of tabla and tanpura.

Beginner level has all the above features but with lesser controls.

Technical Requirments: PC with minimum 512 mb ram

Mac version is under development and will be released soon.

* You are required to register and buy Riyaz Freedom to avail full functionality of the tabla software.

You may leave your ideas and comments here. We would be happy to develop any special feature you want to include in the above software. We would also like to know how useful do you think they are to you?

You could also subscribe to us to stay in touch with the release updates and Other developments.


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Comments (129)

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  1. [...] Tabla & Tanpura Software, Download for Vocal & Dance Practice Posted on July 1, 2010 [...]

  2. ustad m says:

    tanks for you softwaer

  3. bidyut says:

    i want this software

  4. Gurvinder singh says:

    Hi ji actuly am singer and i want to improve my singing with rhythm so thats why i really need this software so kindly update this software asap
    Regard Gurvinder singh

  5. Gurvinder singh says:

    plz add tanpura also with this software sa pa combination and sa ma combination is need with this software taals need thnx ji

  6. vibhavan mehta says:

    sir, i m playing sitar daily and for riyaz purposes i require a tabla-tanpura software loop which may play continuous
    for say atleast 1-2 hours on the scale c# . if this software can be downloaded free i shall be obliged if you will let me know
    per return of e mail
    vibhavan mehta
    ahmedabad -gujarat-india

  7. bhagesh says:

    i need this software thanks

  8. Urban Hagstrom says:

    Nam Nam
    TANKS ;

  9. Ramitha kalana says:

    I want this….!!!!

  10. pratik says:

    wah this is a gr8 useful software

  11. joy says:

    i am trying to learn it so its necessary for me .

  12. Shriganesh says:

    How can I download the software?

  13. golu says:

    may es software ko download kase karu

  14. jason says:

    Greetings… I have recently purchased Riyaz studio & been challenged & unsuccessful in the installation. I had to additionally purchase Codeweaver crossover software because I use a Mac. Frustrating & expensive for me.

    Are you Riyaz Studio or a different company. I notice it says Riyaz.

    When will your software be available for Mac & will it require the painstaking task of using crossover software.

    Many thanks & I look forward to your reply. Blessings.

    Ranganath Jason

  15. Eva says:

    Where is the download button. Every time I type a search it takes me to your page but there is no download button. When I click to download it takes me back to this page.
    fix it.

  16. UHMI says:

    Hi where is the link to download Riyaz Freedom V 1.00 and do i have 2 pay for registration and for other ?

  17. vilas patil says:

    along with tabla and tanpura swarmandal with preesetings of various ragas or we can compose raga for swarmandal and the sotware must be compitable with various oprating
    system like xp,mac and mob with window,android as itablapro is available for ipod touch,
    iphone and ipad so that riyazers can carry it in their pocket and hook it to amplispeaker
    or amplifire

    performing artist of
    hind.classicl music

  18. vito ma says:

    how i can download tanpura software?

  19. sujit das says:

    I really need this practice suit. Please please please help me with it.

  20. sujit das says:

    I really need the Tanpura software for my daily riyaz. please help me to access it free of cost.

  21. sujit das says:

    I really need the software. please help me

  22. REZWAN says:


  23. REZWAN says:


  24. sujit das says:

    i need the tanpura software

  25. rajesh gupta says:

    how to download dis software

  26. ranjeet says:

    taan pura download

  27. krishna says:

    I am music learner , I want to electronic tanpura software free download, Please provide this email or site link where I would found it.


  28. Gohar says:

    I have been following your website and anxiously waiting for the upload of the software. Please upload the software asap so that I can improvise my music.

  29. shambhu lal gupta says:

    plz add tabla beat like gulam ali” gazal ham tere shahar mein aayen hain etc

  30. shambhu lal gupta says:

    I want this softwere because I am a singer. plz inform me when it will ready to get.

  31. Dinesh palvi says:


  32. rasel says:

    free tabla and tanpura software download for vocal and dance practice

  33. rasel says:

    free download tabla software

  34. Shivaji says:

    How can i get this software ?

  35. Dr Lokesh Sharma says:

    Looking for the tabla software

  36. naavin says:

    i need tis software………..

  37. Umar Aziz says:

    dear sir this Free Tabla & Tanpura Software, Download for Vocal & Dance Practice when will be download able plz tell me its looks awesome m waiting for it
    plz reply me in my email plz

  38. sam says:

    how to download this plz help ?

  39. kishor patel says:

    riyaz softwer free

  40. SIKANDER RAWAT says:

    plzplz make fast plz i want this i m a singer ,,its a request from my heart ,,i need this plz make that will b downloding as soon as posible,,,,,,,,
    thnks u so much
    sikander rawat

  41. Naman says:

    plz can i have download link .thank you

  42. glsahni says:

    Ur name is Krsna, if I am not wrong. ur software will help a Sr.citizen like me who can sing for Lord Krishna but does not have knowledge for background music. Thanks. Keep me informed. Wish u all the success in this unique venture

  43. sanjeev kumar says:


  44. Ericol says:

    When can i use this thingy machingy

  45. DEVENDER SINGH says:

    hi..please send me the software fo tabla & tanpura

  46. alok sahdev says:

    i think it will chamge the way riyaz is performed
    i travel a lot and think i wil be able to carry it along with me in a laptop

  47. woww its interface and sound seems nice…………..i am really awaiting able to download when its gonna be launched??

  48. Debayan Bhattacharjee says:

    nice one….wow


    I’ll be thankful for this software.

  50. bhagyashre says:

    in an urgent need of electronic tanpura and electronic tabla.. but cannt purchase it at time … so ur software is really gonna help a music learner a lot

  51. arjun says:


  52. Vidya V says:

    I would love to have this software for my riyaaaz….pls help me get this one…


    How can i download this software…? Please help.

  54. ravindra chahal says:

    i love music

  55. Nelson Christian says:

    suprerb softwere i like it

  56. SIDDHU says:

    i am interested in tabla plying

  57. nath says:

    I need this. Tell me how to get this

  58. Premadas says:

    What means the word “soon ” in the following sentence : ” Mac version is under development and will be released soon.” ??

    Reply : ../../20..

  59. chidanand nuli says:

    i want this software pls updata me..:)

  60. chidanand nuli says:

    i want this software pls updata me..

  61. shesha says:

    how 2 download..?

  62. amit roy says:

    I am amit roy from west bengal . Actuly am singer and i want to improve my singing with rhythm so thats why i really need this software so kindly update this software asap
    amit roy
    po- kalna , dist burdwan (wb)
    pin – 713409

  63. Raman K R says:

    very fine one

  64. plz send me tabla and tanpoora software as soon as possible i need it for my singing,
    my sishyas want it ….
    Thank you..

  65. rajbhardwaj says:

    hello sir!i want to improve my singing with rhythm so thats why i
    really need this software so plz. kindly update this software me,thanxxx.

  66. manish says:

    Hi, I M Manish & I M Singer
    So Pleas Download to Taan Pura.

  67. debashis says:

    pls tabla software add

  68. debashis says:

    pls add tabla sa pa sa software

  69. avishek roy says:

    please add something which help to practice laharas and also some loiaries

  70. avishek roy says:

    please make something which helps to practice laharas. some loikaries.

  71. jasbir says:

    yaar i m singer….i want to download this software….please tell me kese download hogga

  72. N.Satish Rao says:

    I would like try the efficacy of this soft ware, please allow me to try a free trial.

  73. yogi says:

    hi i m malang jo bhi upload karo free karo plz

  74. mujhe apke istument bhut ache lge plz

  75. Saturnine says:

    Just waiting for the mac version, hope thats soon.

  76. Israel says:

    What Happened with the program?? O_O

  77. ravi says:

    good tone quality

  78. ravi says:

    good product and instruments for the musician

  79. sandeep says:

    hello sir,i want dis software,but its not downloading…how can i download dis software….plz send me details….thankyou…

  80. ravindran says:

    Super software.I’m a tablist..It will very useful to have this integrated software handy.

  81. U must have to add tanpura also with this software sa pa combination and sa ma combination is need with this in software

  82. Sandip Bandyopadhyay says:

    We are waiting since quite a long time to download and use this software but it has not been uploaded. We are expecting it to come out any day but that has not happened. Please give us some time line , so that we can wait happily for your software.

  83. sandip bhattaacharya says:

    I am unable to run or down load your software. Please help me to do so.

  84. shrikant ck says:

    i want this software badly…tanpura n tabla included its my request pls hep me

  85. Tejaswi says:

    I want this software
    please help

  86. binod says:

    when can i download this free software as you advertised it? Please suggest me. I would be grateful of you.

  87. nootan says:

    wow super

  88. hafiz says:

    i want to get this software.

  89. Hey!! I’m a classical singer.. i need this software but i can’t download it. pls help me

  90. sujan lama says:

    i lice music

  91. i like this thanks a lot 4 your softwear

  92. Rishi Sood says:

    Pls Give me this software

  93. Paulraj says:


    i want his software

  94. tippanna says:

    please send me free tabala software

  95. b.s.nigm says:


  96. chinna says:

    all the best

  97. sudarshan says:

    Please upload this software. i can’t wait….

  98. sudarshan g pai says:

    how did you download this software

  99. joginder says:

    When free downloads are not available/ready, why do you lure people to your website?

  100. Mohammad Hussain Rangebar says:

    tanpora softwer

  101. Poorva says:

    Please copy me the link ot lectronic Tabla & Tanpura

  102. sukhweender singh says:

    hello jee,
    i’m a table player so I need this software for when I do practice so they give a lot help to improve my ley taal.

  103. osama iqbal says:

    hi friends ye software download kesy hota hai please reply must

  104. tony gharu says:

    that is very good …i like ..frds is andar ik site diti hoyi aa right side os te click kro ho jaega download…9041595939 je samaj na aave ta puch skde o …

  105. khushbu malik says:

    thanx tony ji help karan lyi thanxxxxxxx download ho gya hai ji thnx …..friends in this sofrware many taals of tabla

  106. khushbu malik says:

    ji gharu ji i call u ,,, aap mujhe bta skte ho ke ise tanpura ke sath sath kaise atach kru ke dono ek sath chlein please agar aap onlin ho to bta dena ji

  107. khushbu malik says:

    TONY GHARU …..ji help me …..i call u ur no 9041595939 ….please aap tabla aur tanpura ko ek sath kaise chlate hain ye bta dena ji please thanx aapne meri help ki sooo ….THANXX

  108. TONY GHARU says:

    ok KHUSHBU ji now i am bussy ghante bad call krna mai bta duga …ok…9041595939 is my no

  109. ayush says:

    hello, people who are inquiring for this software download.
    this software is still developing, so download is not yet possible..
    (that is why the download button has comming soon written on it)
    please be patient :)

    give this link a try…

    (if it doesnt start downloading automatically,
    find this line “Your download will begin in a moment. If it doesn’t, restart the download.” and click on: restart the download
    all other links on the page are false)

    _i am just another person, i do not belong to the software or website team.

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