What Is The Best Way to Do Indian Classical Music?

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veena3 music new1Are you interested in Indian classical riyaz? As a matter of fact, the music industry is getting huge recognition and penetration in the subcontinent. The name of India is very famous in this matter. The musicians and teachers of this country are famous in the world for the special melody and music. They have introduced lots of amazing and interesting techniques for the new learners. The learners who are deeply interested to find the easy ways to do Indian classical riyaz should not ignore the value of given protocols. Remember, all these protocols have been introduced by the Indian musicians.

Make the learning ways:

First of all, it is necessary to make the learning ways. It means you have to find the following facilities.

  • Great musicians and teachers.
  • Riyaz masters.
  • Studios and singing stations.
  • Books and literatures.

Finding these three options or facilities will enable you to get the best details about the riyaz practicing. In fact, the word “Riyaz” has a special meaning that is practice. The beginning level learners are suggested to focus on the following points in order to find how to do riyaz.

  1. Learn, understand then practice Sargam.
  2. Learn the famous Sargam songs (Geets).
  3. Bandish.
  4. Focus on the Khayal.
  5. Don’t ignore the Chhota khayal. It will be better if you complete it with the famous Alap Tana Boltana that is also known as Vistar ke sath.
  6. Understand the Bada Khayal (Big thought) with the famous Alap Tana Boltana.
  7. Learn Drupad.
  8. Keep understanding about all these important factors.

So these are the seven important learning steps for the people who want to know what the best way to do riyaz is.

There are some other ways of improving your potential in singing. It will be very effective to check the given points.

  • Hire the best teachers: The people should hire the best musicians. Having a good music teacher tells how to improve the riyaz. Don’t ignore this important point.
  • Listen to best singers and their Hindustani songs.
  • Try the classical music instruments such as Tabla and Harmonium in order to make a special rhythm.
  • Practice the important training tips for breath control.
  • Keep the training sessions and chapters for better understanding about Indian classical riyaz.

All these steps will help you find the best practice for the Indian classical riyaz at home.



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